NFFLA COVID-19 Safety Plan

Spring 2021 Season

The National Flag Football League of Atlanta is, first and foremost, a community. Each of us has a responsibility to ensure the physical, mental, and social safety of each other and ourselves. The guidelines below have been created to give our community direction on how to do so, as it relates to Covid-19. Please note that the guidelines created are not a suggestion. These are policies put in place to help ensure a successful spring 2021 season.

Community Guidelines

  1. NFFLA will require all persons to wear a mask/face covering upon arrival and until departure from any playing or practice facility. This includes all team practices, mini camp/preseason activities, and games.

  2. Masks/face coverings must cover both the nose and mouth.

  3. NFFLA will require social distancing leading up to, during, and after play, whenever possible.

  4. During play, players must be mindful of the presence of the officiating crew and allow them space to navigate the field and keep the games running smoothly.

  5. We encourage participants to bring their own antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer for disinfecting shared playing equipment and cleaning hands between plays.

  6. As of right now, spectators are not allowed, as we are actively trying to reduce group size. We will review our resources weekly and hope to invite spectators in phases.

  7. For registration and payments, payments will be cashless

  8. Teams will bring their own game balls and flags.

  9. We will discontinue use of team water coolers. Players will bring their own, personal cooler instead of using a team cooler. Players should plan on bringing an individual water bottle.

  10. All members of the NFFLA community must agree to abide by the policies and rules set above. Any members who actively choose not to follow these guidelines may be subject to indefinite removal without refund or credit.

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