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NFFLA League Conduct Manual


The mission of the National Flag Football League of Atlanta (NFFLA) is to foster a safe and accepting community through sport and to promote positive social and athletic enjoyment of flag football among the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community as well as our straight allies. All references in this document to league members include all players, coaches, board members, and referees. 

The League desires that its members handle all situations with class and good sportsmanship. Members should display respect to their fellow members and spectators at all times. This Code of Conduct is designed to help the League achieve those goals. 

Policy Statement

League members should never engage in conduct that, to a reasonable person, would be considered severe or pervasive (on or off the field, during or off-season) such that it negatively affects the experience of another member of the League (player, coach, referee, or League official) or any spectator, keeping in mind that spectators often include friends, family, sponsors, and children.

Conduct that would violate the League Code of Code includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Discriminatory, vulgar, abusive, or insulting language or gestures
  • Physical fighting, verbal altercations, or encouragement of same
  • Unsportsmanlike behavior, including inciting or encouraging unsportsmanlike behavior in others
  • Threatening, intimidating, violent, or volatile behavior
  • Brandishing a weapon in any threatening, menacing, or potentially unsafe manner
  • Damaging or disrespecting personal or public property (including fields and facilities)
  • Consumption or distribution of illegal drugs
  • Excessive physicality during a game with perceived intent to injure

Violations of this Code of Conduct will be addressed in a manner deemed appropriate by the League Board of Directors, in its discretion. Consequences may include the following, in any order: 

  • Verbal and/or written warning identifying potential consequences of future breaches of the code
  • Temporary dismissal (suspension), the length and terms as determined by the Board's discretion 
  • Permanent dismissal (lifetime ban), the terms as determined by the Board's discretion 
  • Any other sanction deemed appropriate by the League Board of Directors 

Players are expected to report possible violations of this Code of Conduct first to their captains, if appropriate, or to a member of the League Board of Directors. Captains are expected to report possible violations directly to a member of the Board.

As a member of the NFFLA, you hereby acknowledge and accept this League Code of Conduct and its terms. I agree that it is my personal responsibility to abide by the Code of Conduct and to report violations of the Code to a League Official (captain and/or Board member). Registering for NFFLA seasons, tournaments, or events makes you responsible for following and adhering to this NFFLA Code of Conduct policy. 

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