NFFLA League Conduct Manual

NFFLA League Conduct Manual  

The National Flag Football League of Atlanta ("NFFLA") wishes to create a safe and accepting sports league for people of all backgrounds.  In doing so, the NFFLA Board of Directors has established the enclosed Code of Conduct that all members of the league shall abide by.  This manual lists benchmarks for conduct and sportsmanship that all league members are expected to follow.  The standards listed in this manual, those explicitly stated as well as the general spirit that is implied throughout this document, should be followed and respected by all league members for the purpose of creating a supportive, accepting, and loving sports league that provides both competitive athletics and welcoming social opportunities for, primarily but not exclusively, Atlanta's Gay and Lesbian community.

All references in this document to "league members" include all players, captains, board members, and referees.

Interpretation and enforcement of all rules and issues, listed in this document or otherwise, is always the exclusive domain of the league's Board of Directors.

1.     All members of the league shall show respect for all players, captains, referees, and guests at all times during games and other league events.

2.    All league members shall show respect for the conditions and quality of all athletic fields and the surrounding area used by the league or any team, for both games and practices.   Such respect includes taking reasonable care of the field and turf by not causing excessive damage to the field, and by not engaging in actions such as destruction of property or littering on the field or surrounding area.

3.    No alcohol or drug consumption is allow on the field at any time, as such behavior can create an unsafe environment for athletics.

4.    League members shall conduct themselves in an accepting and caring manner to other league members and their guests to league events at all times.  Behavior that is discriminatory or harassing in any way shall not be tolerated.

a.     No league member shall treat any captain, player, participant, official or any other attendee with disrespect, regardless of race, creed, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation or ability.

5.     Players shall be supportive of their teammates, respectful to referees, and kind to players of opposing teams and event guests, at all times.

a.     All league members shall exhibit "good sportsmanship" at all times.

                                              i.     This includes treating teammates and members of opposing teams with respect and kindness.

                                            ii.     Refrain from rude, violent, threatening, or inappropriately aggressive behavior.

                                          iii.     Fighting and verbal or non-verbal altercations of any kind, or encouragement of same, shall not be tolerated.

                                           iv.     Taunting, disrespectful, derogatory, or unruly behavior of any kind, will not be tolerated by this league.  This includes both towards opposing players, one's own teammates, guests, or referees.

                                             v.     Always exhibit friendliness and kindness to all league members, especially to those who are new members of the league.  It is the intent of the Board of Directors that the NFFLA be a very welcoming and friendly community; this intent shall be respected at all times, and is especially important towards new members of the league.

                                           vi.     No league member shall ever encourage the unsportsmanlike conduct of other league members or spectators.

6.    During games all league members should be cognizant of their own behavior and the impression it makes on spectators, guests, and other league members.  This includes but is not limited to lewd and lascivious conduct that can include excessive swearing or vulgarities.  All league members shall refrain from such behavior. League members should be able to feel comfortable bringing friends, children, and family members to games and league events.  All league members should be respectful in this manner, described herein.

7.     Draftees to competitive travel teams, referees, team captains, and members of the Board of Directors shall all take the best efforts possible to introduce themselves to as many new members of the league as possible each season for the purpose of making sure each new member feels welcome in our community.

8.    No player or captain shall ever plan or tolerate, directly or indirectly, any intentional or deliberate injury to any player or member of the league.  All players and captains have the duty to report such incidents to the referees and the Board of Directors.

9.    Each member of this league shall consider himself or herself an owner of the league and therefore feel compelled to take great care and respect in the handling of all league events and issues as well as one's own conduct.

10.  All league members are expected to render aid and assistance to any injured player or referee when requested or appropriate.

11.   All league members shall be respectful of property that belongs to others, both on the field and the surrounding area.

12.  All league members shall consider and give the highest regard to the safety of all participants and spectators at all times and be aware that there are often children in the area of the playing field.

13.  Referees must remain impartial and fair at all times and take necessary steps to create a safe playing environment in all games.

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