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NFFLA Travel Team Program

Interested in learning more about the NFFLA travel team program? The NFFLA sponsors teams to travel to at least two tournaments a year: Chicago Pride Bowl and Gay Bowl. The NFFLA Travel Team Governance Committee has worked for several months on introducing a new framework for how we will field and send teams to these tournaments. It was important to us to outline clearly stated goals, communicate those to our league's membership, and enact mechanisms to deliver on those goals. 

Our Aim:

1.     Field competitive tournament teams, drafting the most competitive team first; then second, and so on...

2.     Implement a transparent and fair selection process for teams and captains which is sustainable and structured

3.     Provide an avenue for player development

4.     Forge ONE ATLANTA - city unity in tournament play

5.     Provide Board of Directors with recommendations for recruiting strategy for league

6.     Develop funding framework for travel teams

The NFFLA will field as many competitive travel teams as we can support with the initial aim for sending at least two teams per tournament. The NFFLA will pay for all sanctioned team players to attend Chicago Pride Bowl and Gay Bowl . This includes registration fees and jerseys. Additionally, we are working hard to secure new sponsors who can help defray further travel costs (air/lodging).

The attached bylaws outline how we will select our teams, and that starts with the selection of captains. Each team shall have one captain who will have sole discretion over the drafting of his team.

After we announce our team captains (selection process information below), we will ask all interested players to register. We will then hold a draft where the captains of the "A" and "B" teams will first draft their QB's. Then the "A: team captain will draft his entire team followed by the "B" team. If we have a third (or more) team, that captain shall draft next from the remaining available players.

To be eligible to play with the sanctioned NFFLA teams in Chicago Pride Bowl and Gay Bowl, you must be registered in the most current NFFLA season. To ease the transition, we are waiving this requirement for 2016 Chicago Pride Bowl. However it is in effect for 2016 Gay Bowl (Washington, DC). There is a small exception to 2016 Gay Bowl in that the "A" team captain (only) will have the option to add up to two external league players this year. In 2017, the eligibility requirements will be in full effect for both tournaments.

What about Ft. Lauderdale, you ask? We thought it was important there be at least one tournament per year where everyone can play with buddies without regard to league membership or structure. We will help facilitate communication amongst all our members so that anyone who wants to play has an opportunity to raise their hand; but from there the league will be hands-off on how that tournament is governed.

The bylaws include a lot more detail on how our travel team drafts will work, the make-up of the teams, captain selection process and more. Please read through at your leisure.

With that, the NFFLA Travel Team program is now accepting applications for captains for Chicago Pride Bowl! We are looking for leaders who are committed to delivering upon the goals of the program listed above. We also will give serious consideration to captain applicants who are interested in captaining a team to both Pride Bowl and Gay Bowl this year; however if you are only interested in serving for one of these tournaments, that is fine too. Official applications for Gay Bowl captains will be received following Pride Bowl.

If you are interested in captaining for Pride Bowl, please register here. Please tell us your qualifications and outline your vision for leading one of our teams. Deadline for application is Monday, March 21, 2016.   After our captains are chosen, we will put out an all-call for interested players in the Chicago tournament.

Before closing, we would like to add a special word of thanks to our Travel Team Governance Committee members. These NFFLA veterans stepped up to help tackle a thorny issue which has been unmanaged for many years. This took time, commitment and a love for our league. I believe the result of their hard work will be a sustainable structure which will help us compete for championships and grow our league for many years to come. Namon Huddleston, Chip Pecchio, Greg Suman, Michael Tanner, Jesse Watts, Ben Wesley and Chris Whitlow, thank you for everything. And of course none of this would be possible without the leadership and guidance of our league chairman, Brent Baur. I cannot thank all these guys enough for their support.

- Jonathan Killian, Vice Chairman NFFLA

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