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2022-2023 Travel Team Captains

Sam Aleinikoff will captain the Kings (Open team). He is returning for his 2nd season as the King�?�¢??s captain. He has been in the NFFLA for 7 years. He was named Offensive MVP in the 2018 NFFLA season, and Quarterback of the year in 2019 NFFLA season. He is a two-time NFFLA league champion (2018 and 2021) He Led the Kings to Gay Bowl title (B- Division) in 2019, and a #1 seed in Gay Bowl (A-Division) 2021. In his spare time, he loves to plan a good trip, spend time with his boyfriend (Wes) and cheer on the Michigan Wolverines.

Brian Hunter will captain the Rise (women�?�¢??s + team). He has played in the NFFLA for 19 years and has also served on the NFFLA board and the National board. He is a six-time NFFLA league champion. He most recently led the Rise to the Sunshine Cup championship game (B- Division). In his spare time, he loves spending time with friends and family. He plays tennis, loves eating out (Longhorn steakhouse) and a huge a dog lover!

Enrique Everett will captain the Justice (Open team). He has been in the league for 15 years. He currently serves on the NFFLA board. He won a Gay Bowl title with the Kings in 2019 (B- Division) and most recently led the Freedom to a Gay Bowl title in 2021 (D- Division). He has an impressive record of 14-0 in the last two Gay Bowl tournaments. In his spare time, he loves spending time with his lovely husband ( Marcus) , Watching DragRace and Dateline on Friday nights!

Michael Dunn will captain our free agent (Open team) for Pride Bowl Chicago 2022. He has been in the NFFLA for 4 years and has won a league championship. He is an emerging leader in the NFFLA and his looking to make his mark as a captain in Pride Bowl Chicago. In his spare time, He loves gardening and spending time in nature. Fun fact about Dunn, He has a planted aquarium with pet shrimp.

Yvance (Evans) Junior will captain the Freedom. He has played in the NFFLA for 5 years. He was named Rookie of the year in the 2018 NFFLA season, and Offensive MVP in the Falcon division in 2021. He also received the Sportsmanship award in the 2021 NFFLA season. He also led his spring team to a league championship in 2021. In his spare time, he enjoys new experiences where he gets to travel to see the world with friends while meeting new people and learning new cultures.

Just a reminder that One Atlanta will take the Freedom, Justice, Rise and Kings to Gay Bowl Hawaii 2022 and Sin City Vegas 2023 or Sunshine Cup Fort Lauderdale 2023 and we will take a Free agent team to Pride Bowl Chicago 2022

Important dates for league players!!

  • Player registration for travel will open April 18th!
  • One Atlanta draft - The week of May 8th!

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