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The NFFLA plays under the rules of the National Gay Flag Football League (NGFFL), with specific exemptions as determined necessary by the NFFLA board.

The official playing rules of the NFFLA shall be the most recent version of the NGFFL Rule Book combined with the following exceptions. The referenced NGFFL rule is supplanted by the NFFLA rule on this document. Any provisions in the NGFFL rule which are not contradicted here shall remain as printed in the NGFFL rule book. The most recent version of the NGFFL rulebook is available here.






NFFLA Rule Difference

Each team must have a minimum of six players on the field.

  • If a team has less than six players from its roster present to begin a game at the scheduled time, that team must forfeit the game.

  • Should a team only have seven roster players present in a regular season game, the team may recruit one additional player from a league team.  If they only have six roster players, they can pick up two players from a league team.

  • If a team has no available quarterback in a regular season game, the team may recruit from within the league for a substitute quarterback who can take the field, regardless of the number of roster players present for that team.

  • Roster substitutions in either case above may only involve registered players from league teams and may not include players from the No Substitute list.

  • United teams can only choose substitutes from the Falcons division.

  • No substitute players are allowed for playoff games under any circumstances. All teams must play in playoff games with players from their roster only.

  • There can only be one rusher in the Falcons league for the first 4 weeks.

There will be a 5-minute intermission between the halves.

(Delay of game includes...) Failing to snap the ball within 25 seconds after the ready-for-play signal.


After the try-for-point, the non-scoring team takes possession of the ball at their 15-yard line, unless that spot is moved after enforcement of a penalty. 

EXCEPTION: During the last 2 minutes of a game, after the trailing team scores, they can elect to give the leading team possession of the ball, first and goal with 10 yards to go for a touchdown in an attempt to keep the leading team from running out the clock.


If one team is ahead by 21 points or more with two minutes or less remaining in the game, the game is over.


If the score remains tied after one overtime during regular season play, the final score is a tie. If the score remains tied after one overtime period during the playoffs, additional periods will be played with options alternating between the teams as per the NGFFL rule.

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