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The Travel Program serves as an extension of the league’s
mission, with an emphasis on building teams to compete at the highest level in their respective divisions. We aim to select players who represent the best of the NFFLA with teamwork, talent, sportsmanship, and inclusivity. The leaders and players embody a “One Atlanta” mindset where we work together to support the overall success of all of our travel teams.

The NFFLA sponsors teams to travel to at least two tournaments a year: Chicago Pride Bowl and Gay Bowl, which changes cities each year. The NFFLA Travel Team Governance Committee (TTGC) will act as the general manager of the travel team program. They are comprised of Open Division representatives and Women's+ Division representatives. Their duties include implementing and managing the process for selecting tournament captains and players, overseeing the draft process, communicating with the NFFLA Board of Directors, and making improvements to the Travel Team Program Bylaws to fit the league's needs. All the information you need to know is contained within the Travel Team Program Bylaws, but our goals are outlined below.

Our Goals:

  • Field competitive tournament teams, drafting the most competitive team first; then second, and so on...

  • Implement a transparent and fair selection process for captains and teams which is sustainable and structured

  • Forge a ONE ATLANTA mindset - city unity in tournament play, working together to support the success of all travel teams

  • Provide the Board of Directors with recommendations for recruiting strategy for league

  • Develop funding framework for travel teams

  • Provide an avenue for player development

The number of teams the NFFLA will field depends on the interest from within the NFFLA community, as well as the capacity of each tournament. 

The "all call" for captains will go out sometime at the beginning of each calendar year. Captains are required to go through a formal application, vetting, and interview process in order to be selected to captain a travel team. The captains may choose their own co-captains/leadership team if they wish to. The team captain's term will last for Pride Bowl and Gay Bowl, and end immediately following Gay Bowl.  After team captains are chosen, we will ask all interested players to register or fill out a travel team interest form. We will then hold a draft. The TTGC will outline the draft process for each tournament that will be approved by the NFFLA Board.

The TTGC will also work with the travel team captains and sponsors to raise funds to help cover the costs associated with traveling (i.e. jerseys/uniforms, travel, lodging). No financial assistance is guaranteed.

For any other questions, please check the Travel Team Program Bylaws, the Travel FAQs, or reach out to your Assistant Commissioner.

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